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Car Service at Advance Auto Tune


This Service includes  6 Months Warranty


At Advance Auto Tune our Major Service is completed in 5 Stages.


Check Outstanding campaigns and recalls
Check parking brake travel
Check/report engine fault diagnosis trouble codes
Check/report instruments/warning lamps
Check/report interior lamps
Check/report front wiper blades
Check/report rear wiper blade
Check/report wash/wipe systems
Check/report instrument illumination
Check/report direction indicators/hazards
Check/report lighting system
Check headlight leveling system
Check/report headlights


Check/report engine oil leaks
Drain/refill engine oil
Renew engine oil filter
Lubricate steering joints
Check/report exhaust system/mountings
Check/report brake pipe corrosion
Check/report fuel system leakage – including under bonnet fuel rail and hoses


Check/report front brake pads
Check/report font brake discs
Check/report rear brake pads
Check/report rear brake discs
Check/report brake hydraulic system
Check/report brake flexible hoses
Check/report tyre condition
Interchange road wheels
Check/adjust tyre pressures.


4) ENGINE BAY OPERATIONS Change engine oil and filter Clean/tighten/re-grease battery terminals Check/top-up battery electrolyte level Check/report battery condition/specific gravity Check/top-up washer bottle(s) Check/top-up brake fluid reservoir Check/report cooling system leakage Check/top-up engine coolant.anti-freeze Check/clean air filter Check fuel filter Check crankcase ventilation valve – renew if required Check/adjust auxiliary drive belt(s) Check/report auxiliary drive belt tensioner Final Items check Inspect Canin Filter (if fitted) Reset engine oil change indicator Check/lubricate vehicle locks/hinges Check/report bonnet latch and lock – includes lubricating electronic diagnosis 5) FINAL ITEMS CHECK Inspect cabin filter (if required) Reset engine oil indicator Check/lubricate vehicle locks/hinges Check/report bonnet latch and lock – includes lubricating Electronic diagnosis At Advance Auto Tune, we are focused on providing mechanical services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction,. We do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we are sure you will be happy with working with us.
Car Service at Advance Auto Tune