*Pricing From $165.00*

Car Service at Advance Auto Tune

Advance Auto tune will service and repair your vehicle’s disc brakes for safer, smoother and more quiet stopping. We are the professionals when it comes to brake and clutch repairs and maintenance.

Car Service at Advance Auto TuneOur workshops are equipped with the latest brake repair equipment, operated only by qualified technicians. We keep you stopping “Smoothly and Quickly when needed”. Worried about your brakes? Going on a long trip? .. Ask about are complimentary Brake Inspection and Report. At Advance Auto Tune we keep you and your family safe.

Our brake Service includes:

Replacement of brake pads(Budget or premium, tailored to your budget)
Inspect caliper’s, and service slides
Clean disc rotors and inspect for wear/run-out*
Test and top up brake fluid
Check wheel bearings and adjust as necessary
Road test vehicle and check brake operation.

* Additional costs may be incurred for 4WD, commercial, imported and some late model vehicles. Ask your service manager for more information.

Budget Package

Starting From $165

Premium Package

Starting From $185

Commercial & 4WD’s

Starting From $195

Clutch Servicing and Repairs

Car Service at Advance Auto TuneAdvance Auto Tune service center are the professionals when it comes to clutch repairs and maintenance. We can replace worn or faulty clutch parts, diagnose operational faults and have you back on the FAST.. ‘Your vehicle may require a clutch repair or replacement if; your clutch pedal goes to the floor; or is hard to select a gear; loss of clutch fluid; you experience a noticeable loss of acceleration; the clutch “slips” while driving or your car will not move when you let clutch out’. Should you experience any of these symptoms our service team have the expertise to diagnose and repair the fault and have you motoring again…

Services include:

Clutch component replacements on front and rear wheel drive vehicles Clutch and pressure plate replacement Flywheel inspection (machine or replace as required) Clutch bearing replacement.
Car Service at Advance Auto Tune